C. Brian Egnatz

C. Brian Egnatz is a co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Milepost Capital Management. He has more than 30 years of experience in managing bank investment portfolios and in the US structured products and rates markets.

Before joining Milepost, Brian was a Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of HSBC Bank N.A., managing the bank’s $50 billion US investment portfolio within the office of balance sheet management and reporting to the Treasurer and Regional Head of BSM. He was responsible for the interest rate risk of the portfolio and all asset selection, including restructuring of legacy non-agency credit positions to improve capital ratios. He managed a 4-person trading team and represented the portfolio in ALCO, valuation committee, business continuity, risk management, regulatory and markets meeting globally, regionally and in North America. He also coordinated with market risk management, product control, regulators and auditors both internal and external.

Prior to HSBC, Brian spent 17 years as a Managing Director in the office of CIO at JP Morgan Chase, co-heading the $125 billion US investment portfolio and hedging the bank’s mortgage servicing rights. While at JP Morgan, Brian and his 10-member team introduced novel ways to lower the cost of portfolio funding and add return and also introduced a credit portfolio to diversify risk. He also had responsibility of advising JP Morgan and its clients on acquisitions of banks, mortgage originators and servicing operations.

In recognition of his markets expertise, Brian served five years on the Federal Reserve’s Treasury Markets Practices Group (TMPG) and consulted regularly to SIFMA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae on product design and market practices, and FASB on related accounting issues.

Brian graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and mathematics.

michael buttner

Michael Buttner is a Senior Consultant to Milepost Capital Management for investment strategy.

Michael has more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. His most recent role was with the mortgage REIT, Hatteras Financial, were Mr. Buttner was the Chief Risk Officer with the responsibility of managing the firms interest rate and operational risk as well as building a whole loan conduit and mortgage servicing rights businesses. From 1990 until 2013, Michael held several senior positions with First Union and its successors, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo. This included Head of Bank Strategy and Head of Mortgage Trading at Wells Fargo Securities. Earlier he led the team that manages the pipeline/warehouse and mortgage servicing rights risk at Wells Fargo Home Lending. Previously, his titles include Head of Balance Sheet Management, where he was responsible for managing the bank's interest rate risk, investment portfolio, retained mortgage assets and mortgage servicing rights; and CEO of Dublin Ireland based Wachovia Bank International. Michael began his career in New York working for Contitrade Services, a Continental Grain subsidiary, and Salomon Brothers in analyst and accounting roles.

Michael holds a BS in Finance and an MBA in Accounting from Fordham University.